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Christmas Chants From The Abbey of Solesmes:Gregorian chants from the Midnight Mass and Mass of the Day. Includes Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Offertories, Communions, Responses, Sequences, Hymns, and Tropes from the Midnight Mass and the Mass of the Day.This recording of Christmas chants reflects the unmatched authenticity of Gregorian scholarship and performance by the Monks of Solesmes.16 Tracks listed below:


Christmas Midnight Mass 1 Introit Dominus Dixit II 1:22 2 Gradual Tecum Principium II 5:20 3 Alleluia Dominus Dixit VIII 2:07 4 Offertory Laetentur IV 1:00 5 Communion In Splendoribus VI 2:50 6 Responsory Sancta II 3:05 7 Sequence Laetabundus VI 2:50 8 Hymn Christe Redemptor I 2:55 Mass of the Day 9 Introit Puer VII 2:25 10 Ambrosian Gloria 2:30 11 Gradual Viderunt V 3:40 12 Alleluia Dies Sanctificatus II 2:04 13 Response Tui Sunt IV 1:45 14 Communion Viderunt I 1:20 15 Hymn A Solis Ortus III 3:57 16 Trope Ecce Nomen V 0:54 Total Time: 35:54

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