I Will See You in Heaven

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Yes, you will see your animal companion again—in heaven! Author: Jack Wintz/112 pages/hardcover

This beautiful book is the presentation/gift edition of last year's Paraclete bestseller, Will I See My Dog in Heaven & for our Cat Friends we have your book as well. (4 printings). Now, the question mark is removed! The answer is Yes! Complete with space for presenting the book to a friend who has just lost, or is soon to lose, a beloved pet; prayers and blessings for all animal companions; and plenty of hope and inspiration, Friar Jack says unequivocally: "All creatures form one family of creation. And the more we see the implications of our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and accept the biblical vision of God's inclusive love, the clearer we are able to say of our beloved animal companions who have died: We will see you again in heaven!" Great book to give to someone who has recently lost a pet, thoughful and comforting.

Dog Friend Book $12.00 Cat Friend Book $12.00

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