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Monastery Honey: Honey That Has Big Flavor !
Nature's Nector and a health food for many in its organic sweet taste and fragrance.Our Wild Flower Honey has a darker look which is due to the many wild flowers the bees gather from fields of many kinds of wild flowers. This nectar makes a Honey with a very distinct hardy taste. You can be sure of all its natural attributes to give your taste buds a shot of antioxidants and antibacterial substances . From the Monastery grounds right here in the great Northeast region of Ct,comes this Organic Raw honey.

1 lb Glass Jar

2 lb Glass Jar Did You Know:
Contains a bounty of cancer-defending antioxidants, and local honey has been said to help alleviate allergy symptoms. Don't limit raw honey's use to your tea, either. Use it to speed healing on burns, and as a natural antiseptic on cuts and scrapes. Honey also has a low glycemic index, so adding it to your tea or yogurt won't lead to energy-busting blood sugar drops later in the day.

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