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Monastery Incense/Queen of Heaven Fragrance: Incense was used even in the old Testament. To this day incense is still used in our monasteries and churches.We make available to our customers this very light fragrant incense to be used at home for the purpose of meditation and the aroma to which we add our unceasing prayer to God.Made if the finest resins and blend of One of our most popular fragrances, this unique blend of Orange Blossom, Pine, and gum resins makes a worthy offering for all liturgical use. As shown...1 lb & 1/2 lb Container as shown. Damascus Rose Incense as written on the Containers shown in the image is also available.

65.00 12oz 45.00 6oz

How to properly burn Incense. You need a small piece of charcoal that has been lit and is ready (a glow to the charcoal and feels hot). Do not touch the charcoal after it is lit, you can pass your hand above the charcoal to feel the heat. A metal vessel is appropriate to handle the heat. Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon on the charcoal which will then create the incense smoke to be used in private use.To dispose of the used charcoal and incense make sure you no longer feel heat coming from the charcoal and it has had time to cool.

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