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It is our very nature to question.We are constantly searching for answers, especially in our faith lives. We want to understand our God and our faith in Christ Jesus.While it is impossible to know the mind of God, it is our questioning that propels us into a closer relationship with our all-knowing,Almighty God. Some of the questions addressed in this book are: How cn we know God? Is God just? Is poverty a gospel value? How can we make our lives a sacrifice? The biblically minded meditations serve as a starting point.While they may shed light on some issues,they will assuredly evoke further speculation.This is exactly what the Community of Taize intended in this book.Leading you on an ver deepening journey of faith where you will enter more fully into the mystery of God.If you know of the Taize Community and or Brother Roger this book is a must for your personal meditation library.146 pages/paperback.

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