Spiritual Enrollments, Mass Cards, Votive Candle Requests

The names of any individuals, both living and deceased, who are enrolled in this Perpetual program will share in the daily Conventual Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and good works of the Community of Saint Benedict. You will receive a beautiful 13" x 8.5" certificate with their name and yours.

Mass Cards: Please email us for a Mass Request. The Name of the Individual and the date you would like the Mass said.

We do not take any offering for the Mass cards. Please send us the information for where your would like the Mass Card

with  your name on it to be sent.

Votive Candles: The Monastery maintains candles that we light for any given request, intention or prayer need.

 Please email us for your request.

Again Free will offering for both the Mass Cards and Votive Candles are at your discression.

Email us at: benedictinemonks@catholic.org

Estate Planning to incude to Community of Saint Benedict and the Monks

How planned giving works:

Planned giving is an area of charitable support that refers to specific gifts that can be funded with assets such as cash, equities and property. With a planned gift to a non-profit or charity, you can combine your support for a cause with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. One of the most popular options is a gift in your will-also known as a bequest. Other common planned gift options include trusts, charitable gift annuities, and beneficiary designations through life insurance and retirement plans.

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