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We do not sell your email addresses, mailing address or telephone numbers to anyone.
Please know that our business rule is to keep your information private. You can count
on us to never use your personal information but for us to contact you for upcoming
new products and special price discounts. Also to make available to you our Monastery
Newsletter. This will be the only time you hear from us as far as advertising.Thank you for
your trust.

State of Connecticut does not collect tax on items shipped from our
web based store outside of our state.

Shipping Charges

You can view an estimate of shipping & Handling costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping
and handling costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.


If you received your order and an item was damaged in shipment you will have three days after you
receive your product to contact us about the damaged item.
The item can be replaced or a credit will
be given towards your account for another item. If the item is a bakery or candy item and you for some
reason are not
happy with or not satisfied with the quality you must let us in know wuithin 24 hours after
receiving the item. You may selct another product or a credit
towards another purchase will be given

Important Product Information & Allergies

All food products that we make for sale and or other food products available on our website for
sale will have ingredients listed in the item description area of the product. Many products do
have nuts in them and flour and preservatives along with artificial food colorings. Should you have
any alergies to these type of food based items we recommend of course that you do not buy
these products either for yourself or as gift to anyone if you are not sure they may have any
type of food allergies.

Gluten Free Products

What Does Gluten Free Mean:

If you asked a friend five years ago if she or he avoided gluten, they probably have said, "Glu-wha?"
But since then, Americans have nearly tripled their spending on gluten-free products. So what is it, and
why the bad rap? "Gluten is a portion of a protein in wheat, and rye and barley contain similar proteins,"
says Sheila Crowe, M.D., director of research in the division of gastroenterology at the University of California
in San Diego. Many health-conscious individuals who know they may have some allergies to the Gluten in these
products are already aware that through their doctors or even personal choice will steer clear of Gluten products.
(Some believe gluten disrupts hormones and increases cravings and that shunning it will keep you
slim and energized.) That means saying no to obvious suspects, such as bread, pasta and cookies, as well as
to some surprising sources, like soy sauce and certain condiments. It's not easy, and in fact, it may be better
for many of us to keep gluten in our diets. So before you bid yummy bread good-bye, find out if it's worth it for you.
Always check with your physician when in doubt or have concerns.

We Do Have Some Gutlen Free Products Available. They are easily indentified with an asterisk *
and says Gluten Free.







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